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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import signal
from string import Template
import subprocess
import time
from TdcPlugin import TdcPlugin
from tdc_config import *
from scapy.all import *
except ImportError:
print("Unable to import the scapy python module.")
print("\nIf not already installed, you may do so with:")
print("\t\tpip3 install scapy==2.4.2")
class SubPlugin(TdcPlugin):
def __init__(self):
self.sub_class = 'scapy/SubPlugin'
def post_execute(self):
if 'scapy' not in self.args.caseinfo:
if self.args.verbose:
print('{}.post_execute: no scapy info in test case'.format(self.sub_class))
# Check for required fields
lscapyinfo = self.args.caseinfo['scapy']
if type(lscapyinfo) != list:
lscapyinfo = [ lscapyinfo, ]
for scapyinfo in lscapyinfo:
scapy_keys = ['iface', 'count', 'packet']
missing_keys = []
keyfail = False
for k in scapy_keys:
if k not in scapyinfo:
keyfail = True
if keyfail:
print('{}: Scapy block present in the test, but is missing info:'
pkt = eval(scapyinfo['packet'])
if '$' in scapyinfo['iface']:
tpl = Template(scapyinfo['iface'])
scapyinfo['iface'] = tpl.safe_substitute(NAMES)
for count in range(scapyinfo['count']):
sendp(pkt, iface=scapyinfo['iface'])