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/* Filesystem parameter description and parser
* Copyright (C) 2018 Red Hat, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* Written by David Howells (
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
* 2 of the Licence, or (at your option) any later version.
#include <linux/fs_context.h>
struct path;
struct constant_table {
const char *name;
int value;
#define fsconfig_key_removed 0xff /* Parameter name is no longer valid */
* The type of parameter expected.
enum fs_parameter_type {
* Specification of the type of value a parameter wants.
struct fs_parameter_spec {
enum fs_parameter_type type:8; /* The desired parameter type */
u8 flags;
#define fs_param_v_optional 0x01 /* The value is optional */
#define fs_param_neg_with_no 0x02 /* "noxxx" is negative param */
#define fs_param_neg_with_empty 0x04 /* "xxx=" is negative param */
#define fs_param_deprecated 0x08 /* The param is deprecated */
struct fs_parameter_enum {
u8 param_id;
char name[14];
u8 value;
struct fs_parameter_description {
const char name[16]; /* Name for logging purposes */
u8 nr_params; /* Number of parameter IDs */
u8 nr_alt_keys; /* Number of alt_keys[] */
u8 nr_enums; /* Number of enum value names */
u8 source_param; /* Index of source parameter */
bool no_source; /* Set if no source is expected */
const char *const *keys; /* Sorted list of key names, one per nr_params */
const struct constant_table *alt_keys; /* Sorted list of alternate key names */
const struct fs_parameter_spec *specs; /* List of param specifications */
const struct fs_parameter_enum *enums; /* Enum values */
* Result of parse.
struct fs_parse_result {
struct fs_parameter_spec t;
u8 key; /* Looked up key ID */
bool negated; /* T if param was "noxxx" */
bool has_value; /* T if value supplied to param */
union {
bool boolean; /* For spec_bool */
int int_32; /* For spec_s32/spec_enum */
unsigned int uint_32; /* For spec_u32{,_octal,_hex}/spec_enum */
u64 uint_64; /* For spec_u64 */
extern int fs_parse(struct fs_context *fc,
const struct fs_parameter_description *desc,
struct fs_parameter *value,
struct fs_parse_result *result);
extern int fs_lookup_param(struct fs_context *fc,
struct fs_parameter *param,
bool want_bdev,
struct path *_path);
extern int __lookup_constant(const struct constant_table tbl[], size_t tbl_size,
const char *name, int not_found);
#define lookup_constant(t, n, nf) __lookup_constant(t, ARRAY_SIZE(t), (n), (nf))
extern bool validate_constant_table(const struct constant_table *tbl, size_t tbl_size,
int low, int high, int special);
extern bool fs_validate_description(const struct fs_parameter_description *desc);
static inline bool validate_constant_table(const struct constant_table *tbl, size_t tbl_size,
int low, int high, int special)
{ return true; }
static inline bool fs_validate_description(const struct fs_parameter_description *desc)
{ return true; }
#endif /* _LINUX_FS_PARSER_H */