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""" - tdc helper functions
Copyright (C) 2017 Lucas Bates <>
def get_categorized_testlist(alltests, ucat):
""" Sort the master test list into categories. """
testcases = dict()
for category in ucat:
testcases[category] = list(filter(lambda x: category in x['category'], alltests))
def get_unique_item(lst):
""" For a list, return a set of the unique items in the list. """
return list(set(lst))
def get_test_categories(alltests):
""" Discover all unique test categories present in the test case file. """
ucat = []
for t in alltests:
ucat = get_unique_item(ucat)
return ucat
def list_test_cases(testlist):
""" Print IDs and names of all test cases. """
for curcase in testlist:
print(curcase['id'] + ': (' + ', '.join(curcase['category']) + ") " + curcase['name'])
def list_categories(testlist):
""" Show all categories that are present in a test case file. """
categories = set(map(lambda x: x['category'], testlist))
print("Available categories:")
print(", ".join(str(s) for s in categories))
def print_list(cmdlist):
""" Print a list of strings prepended with a tab. """
for l in cmdlist:
if (type(l) == list):
print("\t" + str(l[0]))
print("\t" + str(l))
def print_sll(items):
print("\n".join(str(s) for s in items))
def print_test_case(tcase):
""" Pretty-printing of a given test case. """
for k in tcase.keys():
if (type(tcase[k]) == list):
print(k + ":")
print(k + ": " + tcase[k])
def show_test_case_by_id(testlist, caseID):
""" Find the specified test case to pretty-print. """
if not any(d.get('id', None) == caseID for d in testlist):
print("That ID does not exist.")
print_test_case(next((d for d in testlist if d['id'] == caseID)))