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struct omap_dss_device;
* struct nokia_dsi_panel_data - Nokia DSI panel driver configuration
* @name: panel name
* @use_ext_te: use external TE
* @ext_te_gpio: external TE GPIO
* @esd_interval: interval of ESD checks, 0 = disabled (ms)
* @ulps_timeout: time to wait before entering ULPS, 0 = disabled (ms)
* @use_dsi_backlight: true if panel uses DSI command to control backlight
* @pin_config: DSI pin configuration
struct nokia_dsi_panel_data {
const char *name;
int reset_gpio;
bool use_ext_te;
int ext_te_gpio;
unsigned esd_interval;
unsigned ulps_timeout;
bool use_dsi_backlight;
struct omap_dsi_pin_config pin_config;
#endif /* __OMAP_NOKIA_DSI_PANEL_H */