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# HIPPI network device configuration
config HIPPI
bool "HIPPI driver support"
depends on INET && PCI
HIgh Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) is a 800Mbit/sec and
1600Mbit/sec dual-simplex switched or point-to-point network. HIPPI
can run over copper (25m) or fiber (300m on multi-mode or 10km on
single-mode). HIPPI networks are commonly used for clusters and to
connect to super computers. If you are connected to a HIPPI network
and have a HIPPI network card in your computer that you want to use
under Linux, say Y here (you must also remember to enable the driver
for your HIPPI card below). Most people will say N here.
tristate "Essential RoadRunner HIPPI PCI adapter support"
depends on PCI
Say Y here if this is your PCI HIPPI network card.
To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module
will be called rrunner. If unsure, say N.
bool "Use large TX/RX rings"
depends on ROADRUNNER
If you say Y here, the RoadRunner driver will preallocate up to 2 MB
of additional memory to allow for fastest operation, both for
transmitting and receiving. This memory cannot be used by any other
kernel code or by user space programs. Say Y here only if you have
the memory.
endif # HIPPI